We are looking for people who will Champion this cause.  Not only can you  qualify for Loyalty Points, you will also get paid commission and various bonuses for sharing the story and finding people  who also  wish to support  this mission either as a Customer or a Champion.  You will continue receiving income and see the number of children our team supports increase.

We operate in 24 countries with our 25th – Columbia – opening very soon and more on the list to open in the near future.  We have materials and teaching aids in a variety of languages including, but not limited to, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.  We have a business plan that is standard for every one in every country.

Real Income within Reach

Make a Great Living while Making a Big Difference True financial freedom is well within your reach at Mannatech. That’s because we’re not bragging when we say we have one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. It was created to provide a path to unlimited earning potential while making a difference in the lives and wellness of others.*


With the projected growth of the wellness industry, now you have one of the biggest opportunities to truly become healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Why Work with Team MannaGOLD?

  • can earn income from purchases by your down-line and your customers
  • your down-line is a seamless down-line which means you can have people of many different countries in one leg.
  • you can earn many bonuses which are among the extras
  • you will earn Loyalty Points — 20% back after 3 consecutive automatic orders — to be used toward future product purchases
  • you will have a 180 day money back guarantee
  • you do not have to twist your family/friends arms to ‘get into business’.  You are sharing the mission — the M5M™ mission — and inviting them to help too
  • you are Championing the cause — saving the lives of children.

*Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, the customer base available to you and the time you devote to your business.