You are not going door-to-door selling!

We are looking for people who are looking for a way to earn an income from home – either part time or full time.  We are looking for those people who are Hungry for more, Honourable in character, and ‘Honable‘ (teachable).  We are looking for help in sharing the M5M and the Mannatech story.  We are looking for Associates (Business Builders).

We operate in 26 countries — with more on the list to open in the near future.  We have materials and teaching aids in a variety of languages including, but not limited to, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.  We have a standard business plan that is followed by every one in every country.

Make a Great Living while Making a Big Difference

True financial freedom is well within your reach at Mannatech*. That’s because we’re not bragging when we say we have one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. Those in the industry say that.  The Comp Plan was created to provide a path to unlimited earning potential while making a difference in the lives and wellness of others.

With the projected growth of the wellness industry, now you have one of the biggest opportunities to truly become healthy, wealthy, and wise.

And the neat thing is you even earn commissions on what YOU purchase!!!*

Why Work with Team MannaGOLD?

● training is available from Mannatech, other leaders, and from us.  We work with you until you are comfortable to do it yourself.
● you earn income from your own purchases, the purchases of your down-line Associates and your Preferred Customers as well as their Preferred Customers
● if you can share a video link or a web site link then you can do the business.
● your down-line is a seamless down-line which means you can have people of many different countries on your team without extra paper-work.
● you can earn many bonuses and as your business increases (Here is a summary of 6 ways you can earn)
● you will earn Loyalty Points — 10% – 20% back to be used toward future product purchases
● you will have a 180 day money back*** guarantee — even on empties
● you are championing the mission — that of saving the lives of children)

Get Started Right Now

Do you only want to earn enough to pay for your own products? We can help you there, too!

If you are interested in starting as an Associate right now click here. Or, if you have questions you wish answered first,  contact me.

*Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, your customer base, and the amount of time you devote to your business.
**Your purchase (+ those of  your Personal Customers) must total a minimum of 150 pv (approximately 150$) in order to qualify for an income.
**180 days is what is offered in North America and some other countries.  Other countries will legally permit 90 days.  If you aren’t in North America and wish to know ask me and I will find out for you.

Always check here to see what products are available in your country.  Any questions?   Contact Peggy (Account Number 228619) at  or complete form to the right.