Preferred Customer


These are folk who:
~ are already consuming supplements but want to switch to our product to support the work of the M5M foundation.
~ now realize they need supplements and want to buy products of quality, based on science and not gimmicks.
~ are happy doing what they are doing, do not want to change their occupation, just want to stay as healthy as they can in today’s climate.

Whatever your reason, whatever you are looking for — our Supplements: Optimal Health support, skin care cream, sports products, and/or our TruHealth fat loss system,  — you know you will be getting scientifically  validated products.

ALSO you know that the profits are going to a great cause — that of helping to save children’s lives.


● all products are designed to provide the nutrients your food is not sufficiently supplying and that your body needs
● earn Loyalty Points – 10% back after 3 consecutive monthly automatic orders. These can be used toward future product purchases
● free shipping on auto orders with a minimum purchase of $100 (In Canada for NFR orders the shipping is $4.50)
● there is a 180 day money-back guarantee – even on the empties.*
● you are saving the lives of children and getting great products for yourself at the same time
● you pay the same price for the products as the Business Builder (Associate)
● if, after being a Preferred Consumer for awhile, you decide you wish to become an Associate, that can be done very easily.

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Always check here to see what products are available in your country.  Any questions?  Contact Peggy (Account number 228619) at or complete form to the right.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
* The Company gives a 180 day* 100% guarantee – basically saying if you aren’t satisfied after consuming any of our products for up to 6 months you will receive a full refund EVEN ON EMPTY CONTAINERS.        NOTE:  Some countries set different standards for the length of the guarantee. This 180 days is for North America and some other countries. Check with us.