We are looking for Customers —  typically those who are already consuming nutritional supplements or using skin care products ( plus new consumers of course!) — and have them switch to our real food supplements, cutting edge skin care cream, and our TruHealth fat loss system.  That way you will be getting top notch healthy products AND be helping to save a child.  And, as an extra bonus for you, the customer: we have a Loyalty Program where after 3 months you qualify to receive 20% of what you spent on product in the form of Loyalty Points which can be put towards purchasing future products.

Reasons to purchase our products:

  • all products are plant sourced based with a strong scientific base
  • earn Loyalty Points – 20% back after 3 consecutive monthly automatic orders. These can be used toward future product purchases
  • there is a 180 day money-back guarantee – even on the empties.
  • you are saving the lives of children and getting great products at the same time