What is M5M (Mission 5 Million)?

logo_m5mVarious organizations, such as Doctors without Borders and UNICEF, are saying that “Food is not enough”.  It was reported every year over 5  million children under the age of 5 are dying due to malnutrition.

That is more than 10 children every minute.  This is the crisis our business is addressing.  This is the raison d’être for our existence — our goal of linking consumers with children.

Mannatech Works to Eradicate Malnutrition

We market Mannatech’s proprietary (plant sourced and standardized) products, which include:

  • the only standardized plant sourced mineral on the market,
  • standardized plant sourced vitamins,
  • products based on cutting edge carbohydrate research (glycobiology — a science now offered in many universities and colleges).

Mannatech chose to use their expertise and they formulated PhytoBlend to address this crisis. M5M™ was born and Mannatech became the first MLM to be classified as a Social Entrepreneur company,.

Benefiting Children in Need

The profits from all sales benefit the children, who get free nutrition. As of December 2015, over 50,000 children received these nutrients daily.  It’s a start, but we have a long way to go yet.

Benefiting You, the Consumer

And we are the first Social Entrepreneur Company that offers financial rewards to all who purchase products.  That is what makes us unique.  We find it a joy being able to earn an income and help save lives at the same time.  Customers appreciate knowing that not only are they having real food supplement but also knowing that their purchases helps someone else as well.  And customers also can qualify for the 20% Loyalty Points as well as the 180 day unconditional guarantee – on empties too!

Benefiting Everyone’s Health

Our Poster Child here shows what changes can happen just by adding nutrition. Her meager diet didn’t change.  But, with the addition of PhytoBlend powder to her food, her health changed.  This is why I am love my job!