REAL Vitamins, REAL Minerals from REAL Plants  
     (NOT from petroleum and crushed rocks.)

Crushed rocks?  Petroleum? You’re kidding, right?


Now you know why many of the multi vitamins & minerals on the market are so inexpensive — they aren’t a food supplement.

Check out your vitamin for yourself.  Put it in the oven at 350F for 10 minutes to see if it turns black at all.  The photo on the left is the results from one such test.  # 6 and # 8 are Mannatech’s products.

When we eat food the nutrients in it are in a matrix that our body is made to recognize.  So using that fact Mannatech has developed a plant sourced Vitamin and Mineral product in a food matrix.  We call it PhytoMatrix (phyto meaning plant).  (It was this technology that has enabled us to help save children’s lives.)

And the exciting thing is that switching to this product (or any other product we carry) will not just help you.  The profits will go to provide nutrition to other children.

AND you have the 180 day money back guarantee (even on empties)!

Always check here to see what products are available in your country.  Any questions?  Contact Peggy (Account number 228619) at or complete form to the right.

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