Coffee – World’s First


A bold claim, right?  But you can be assured that this statement is based on science and not hype.

How it works:  a unique blend that provides sustaining health benefits from the whole coffee fruit.

Organic Roasted Arabica Coffee Bean


This is the coffee you’re normally used to. It’s the roasted bean on the inside of the fruit that gives your morning cup that rich, smooth flavour.

Roasted Arabica is a premier coffee, known for improving cognitive functions, increasing alertness and focus and even providing high antioxidant support.*

Coffee Fruit

This is the outside of the coffee plant. Sometimes called the coffee cherry, it’s red when ripe and offers a high concentration of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants.

Green Coffee Bean

These are the beans you may not be used to. They are actually the seeds of the coffee fruit that haven’t been roasted yet. The usual process of roasting the beans degrades them, reducing their chlorogenic acid content and other polyphenol levels. So, leaving them in their natural form may provide more benefits.*

Cholorogenic acid is believed to have significant health benefits including supporting a healthy metabolism and increasing thermogenesis.*

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