Avoid the crash

Living in the north-eastern part of Ontario (Canada) winter = snow.  And with snow comes a new ‘exercise’ — that of show shovelling.  The first time for the season one ends up with very sore muscles because of the build up of lactic acid.

If working out is wearing you down, SPORT capsules are made from a blend of herbs and herbal extracts to help maintain normal blood sugars so you can stay active during and after the gym.  Not for VEGANS.

With this product — taken before and after the strenuous exercise/workout — we’ve been able to continue.

Dr. Nugent tells more about this product here.

Get back in the game faster

BounceBack capsules aid your body’s natural recovery process, when taken over time, to help you keep up with the fast pace of life. It is support optimal joint and cartilage health.  VEGAN friendly

More information Canada click here; USA click here.

And Dr. Nugent shares more of the story here.

Many very much enjoy the shakes and the cleanse from the TruHealth program.  A quick, healthy meal replacement is what they want.

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