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What are YOU Swallowing?


Let’s talk about Vitamins and Minerals. One quick question:

Do YOU know the source of your vitamin & mineral supplement?

Did you know that 95% of your vitamin products are made from Petroleum and Coal Tar by products?

And that the mineral in your supplement is probably made from ground rock, ground calcium, ground limestone?

Petroleum Factoryrocks

So, you say, why should that matter? It matters because our body is not designed to absorb these things and if our body is not absorbing nutrients from these products it is not only a waste of money, it also can be dangerous.

vm 3

I find that scary!

Here’s are results from two of those 47 clinical trials:

vm 4

Wonder how your vitamin supplement measures up? If you put your vitamin in the oven at 350 F for 10 minutes will it look like any of these?

baked itamins no name

The black marks indicates petroleum. The 2 that did not turn black (#6 & # 8) at all are the plant sourced Vitamins & Minerals I use and can help you purchase as well.

We also take the technology for our Vitamin & Mineral product (called PhytoMatrix) and put it into a product called Phytoblend. This is given to the M5M Foundation which will donate it it to feeding programs – in orphanages and in schools – around the world to help save children’s lives.

For more information on how you can change your source of vitamin and mineral product to a Real Food source and not only help yourself but help save a child’s life at the same time – just complete the form found on the contact tab. We look forward to hearing from you.