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My Former Husband’s Story: Ambrotose

12 17 03

My “former” husband was getting so tired that he could not even drive the 1.5 hour drive to my parents without pulling over to take a nap. He decided to “try” these products because, after all, we had paid for them.

Within weeks after beginning to consume Ambrotose and a couple other products he saw a huge difference in his stamina. He even drove a-new-to us Mini-Van from Calgary to Porcupine, alone, at least 8 hour drives with only overnight stops for rest.

Our marriage has changed positively due to his lack of fatigue. He is excited and really loves the fact that he can have a life now. Would we stop taking these supplements? Absolutely not! I like this new husband!

He was a tad curious at first mainly because even when we started there there was already much published science behind these products. But now? Glycobiology is a subject taught in universities & colleges in North America and other countries, Oxford University in England being one of the first if not the first.

Are you often tired? Why not try Mannatech’s Ambrotose for 6 months to see if there are any positive changes in your health? You have a 180 day money back guarantee.

And the neat thing is with every sale of this product nutrition is provided to a child for that month so that they, too, can live a healthier life.

And for those of you who are still skeptical about the value of this product, because of research, etc., here are claims the US government has permitted to be made about the product:
● Can enhance your body’s immune response to vaccinations against bacterial infections.
● May help to keep your immune system strong year round.
● Can enhance your body’s response to vaccinations.
● Activates your immune system.
● May activate your body’s ability to respond to pathogens (bad guys).
● Activates the body’s ability to respond to bacterial vaccines.
● Can activate your immune system. Modulates and supports your body’s immune system.
● Supports the innate immune response.
● May improve the adaptive immune response.*

It starts with the cells of your body and if they cannot perform as they should then that effects the rest  of  your  system. So  if you are  already taking  nutritional supplements I urge you to consider  adding  these  glycans  to  your  regime. They  will  help  your body assimilate  the  nutrition to are taking much more efficiently. And with 100% money back up to 180 days what do you have to lose?

And, they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Here are 3 to help explain things 🙂

12 17 05

12 17 06

12 17 07

*for more info on these claims check here.