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Are you obese and want a good diet in order to lose weight?

Sorry, we can not help you.

Are youtossing scales overweight, willing to take back your health, ready to make changes in your life, and wish to lose fat?

Now you’re talking.

measuring tapeAfter 4 weeks following the 30-day fat-loss system I have already lost over 13 inches in total from my chest, waist, belly, and hips.  And that is just the beginning.  (My husband has lost over 5 inches and put another notch in his belt. He’ll be in his wedding suit in no time!)

It is NOT about weighing yourself; it IS about measuring yourself.

It is NOT about dieting; it IS about eating healthy, following the TruHealth system and a low-glycemic eating plan.

It is NOT about the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is flawed; it IS about the scientific research on the BCI or Body Composition Index (fat, muscles, bones).

Is this a gimmick?

Absolutely not.  The supplements are all plant sourced, no additives, no soy, etc., and is suitable for even a vegan to enjoy.  The study of BCI showed very clearly that scale weight cannot give you an accurate measurement of your true change in body composition.bmi-chart 2 men alone.

We do recommend you find someone to be on the program with you who lives near by. Also you will be accountable to me when you are on the program – by phone, email, face time, Skype – lots of different ways.

With this program you have 180 days – yes days – satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Plus other benefits.  So, what do you have to lose?  (pun intended….)

For more information click here and watch the video on the top right, and then take the next step.  (There are 2 different choices on how to start, this site only shows 1. I can tell you about the 2nd choice.)

What motivates me to continue with this program when I – like you – have tried so many different ones before? Because it is a very healthy approach, backed by scientific research, and it works.  Also because there are so many people who need this and I have a responsibility to show them – and not just tell them – that it works so that they, too, can potentially have their life back.

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Coffee, Dehydration, and You

I  am  posting  this  which I  received from  Dr. AW Martin, Martin Clinic.  My problem with this article is two fold:  1. I don’t drink coffee and  2. it says nothing about tea.  Sigh

Does  coffee  cause  dehydration?  This is  a  question that  gets  asked  a  lot. There is plenty of research  that shows  that coffee  has  tremendous health  effects. For  example, here  are a few interesting benefits of coffee according to research:

Coffee and Dehydration

Coffee can:

  •  Reduce the risk of death. According to a large study, drinking three cups or more of coffee a day can lower the risk of death. Of course the study is not talking about “double double” coffees for all of our Canadian friends.
  • Lower the risk of prostate cancer and endometrial cancer.
  • Decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Improve your skin
  • Improve muscle health
  • Decrease the risk of dementia.
  • A recent study suggests that coffee may be the best pre-workout drink due to the fact that it increases fat burning potential.

As you can see, coffee has some very exciting health benefits. Coffee is good for you. However, does coffee lead to dehydration? If you ask someone that question, they will usually answer “yes” very quickly. The reason why we all think that coffee dehydrates is due to a study done in 1928. In that study, coffee was shown to have an increased diuretic effect. Since the study in 1928, 2 studies have been done to try and answer the question and both had mixed results.

Now a new study has shown that coffee hydrates as well as water. The purpose of the study was “…aimed to establish if regular coffee consumption, under normal living conditions, is detrimental to the drinker’s hydration status,”. The results of the study showed that consuming a moderate intake of coffee (4 cups) caused no significant difference across a wide range of hydration indicators when compared to equal
amounts of water.

Bottom  line  is  coffee  doesn’t  seem to  lead  to any dehydration. This does not mean  that coffee can replace water. Water does more than simply hydrate our bodies. Research has shown the  phenomenal benefits  of water consumption. Now  it seems that  drinking  a lot  of water and coffee will help you live a healthier and longer life.