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Are you obese and want a good diet in order to lose weight?

Sorry, we can not help you.

Are youtossing scales overweight, willing to take back your health, ready to make changes in your life, and wish to lose fat?

Now you’re talking.

measuring tapeAfter 4 weeks following the 30-day fat-loss system I have already lost over 13 inches in total from my chest, waist, belly, and hips.  And that is just the beginning.  (My husband has lost over 5 inches and put another notch in his belt. He’ll be in his wedding suit in no time!)

It is NOT about weighing yourself; it IS about measuring yourself.

It is NOT about dieting; it IS about eating healthy, following the TruHealth system and a low-glycemic eating plan.

It is NOT about the BMI (Body Mass Index) which is flawed; it IS about the scientific research on the BCI or Body Composition Index (fat, muscles, bones).

Is this a gimmick?

Absolutely not.  The supplements are all plant sourced, no additives, no soy, etc., and is suitable for even a vegan to enjoy.  The study of BCI showed very clearly that scale weight cannot give you an accurate measurement of your true change in body composition.bmi-chart 2 men alone.

We do recommend you find someone to be on the program with you who lives near by. Also you will be accountable to me when you are on the program – by phone, email, face time, Skype – lots of different ways.

With this program you have 180 days – yes days – satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.  Plus other benefits.  So, what do you have to lose?  (pun intended….)

For more information click here and watch the video on the top right, and then take the next step.  (There are 2 different choices on how to start, this site only shows 1. I can tell you about the 2nd choice.)

What motivates me to continue with this program when I – like you – have tried so many different ones before? Because it is a very healthy approach, backed by scientific research, and it works.  Also because there are so many people who need this and I have a responsibility to show them – and not just tell them – that it works so that they, too, can potentially have their life back.

modified biz card

Is there ANY Hope?


IS there hope for the over weight person like me?  This is the journey I’ve been taking all my adult life (well my life so far that is).  I am person who has tried many, many, MANY diets.  I know what it means to try, succeed for a bit, fail in a big way, and try again.  Does this sound familiar?

Along the way, though, I learned lots – and not just about dieting. I learned lots about myself – some of which is good, some understandable, and some not very good. And I learned that when it comes to eating I can have a very strong will – and not for good. OUCH.

But throughout this journey I have never given up hope.  Long gone are fad diet experiments.  Now I will only look for credible, science based systems.  And I discovered one!
TruHealth logoWith 3 out of 4 Americans deemed overweight there is a huge – no pun intended – number of people looking for help getting to a healthy weight. So I am offering you hope, too.  (And I am sure that stats would apply to a lot of other countries, sad to say.)

We’ve been told, for so long, that the BMI (Body Mass Index) is the gold standard for healthy weight.  But let’s look at it:
two obese menTwo men, both 220 pounds, both 5’11”, and both obese! That’s what the numbers say, but not the picture.

scales tossedWith this system the first thing you do is throw out the scales.  Okay, keep them to weigh yourself at the beginning but then wait at least 1 week between weigh-ins.

And measure yourself every week.  It is about the centimeters (inches) lost, not the kilograms/pounds

measuring tapeThe reason for this is fat takes up much more space than muscle. The whole purpose of this system is to lose fat including the adipose fat around the organs – and in the process you may gain some muscle. (A Dexta Scan shows these changes very well.)
fat vs lean 5The whole TruHealth 30-Day Fat Loss System is based on the Body Composition Index (BCI) — your fat, muscle, and bone mass are all taken into consideration.

Take a look at this short video which explains the 30 day Fat Loss System. The TruHealth System is vegan friendly and contain:

  • no dairy
  • no soy
  • no gluten
  • no GMO products
  • no artificial colours
  • no artificial flavours
  • no artificial  sweeteners

Contained in all of the products are plant sourced ingredients only. The added bonus is the 20 grams of plant protein add to the shakes.  And read my blog about the vitamins and minerals we sell – which are included in the shakes along with a lot of other ‘good stuff’. (How’s that for a technical word?!)

Are you even vaguely interested? Does the 180 day satisfaction or your money refunded (even on the empty containers) sound intriguing? Complete the “contact me” form and I will do that – contact you – and I will try to answer any and all your questions.

And me? I began April 18th and weighed myself – don’t ask. I also did measure myself. The first week I lost 6 inches – 2 of them being on my belly.  Am I encouraged? You bet!  I thank God for His love and for the encouragement of my husband (who is doing this with me) and friends.failure - not

If you are tired of dieting and ready to make a life-style change, let’s talk.  We’d love for you to join us in this journey, supporting each other and any other who join our ‘group’.

Oh, and I am NOT a failure


God didn't