It is written that without HOPE people are lost. They give up, they are filled with despair. Their worries consume them. They have no purpose except to try harder. They give up on their dreams.

Our purpose here is to offer answers for what it  is you are looking for.  We offer you HOPE based on our over 24 years as product consumers and now business builders with this 26+ year old global company.

We offer HOPE  for those who wish to have a better quality of health. (Customer)

 We offer HOPE  for those who are looking for a way to earn money from home either part time without interrupting full time occupation, or even full time. (Business) 

We offer HOPE  for the 5 million children under 5 years of age, who are dying each year just from malnutrition. (Children)

We offer HOPE  for those looking for something more in their lives.

We’d like you to consider becoming either a Preferred Customer (Consumer) or an Associate (Business Builder) .  Both pay the same price for the products and profits from all sales go to providing nutrition for these children.

We offer solid HOPE — based on science — without HYPE

for what YOU seek!


While we communicate solely in English, information is also available in Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish. We operate in 26 different countries and also operate in China using eCommerce with Preferred Customers.



*Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, the customer base available to you, and the time devoted to your business.
**The Company gives a 180 day 100% guarantee – basically saying if you aren’t satisfied after consuming any of our products for up to 6 months you will receive a full refund, even on empty containers.  (NOTE: Other countries limit the guarantee period. This 180 days is for North America. Check with us.)



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