It is written that without HOPE people are lost. They give up, they are filled with despair. Their worries consume them. They have no purpose except to try harder. They give up on their dreams.

We are Ted & Peggy Bendell and our aim is to offer you HOPE. We have been consumers of Mannatech’s products for over 20 years (and appreciate the quality of life we have because of them) and are now pursuing the home based business aspect to supplement our retirement.

Mannatech, a publicly traded Social Entrepreneur Company, has over 24 years of operating experience in the Direct Sales market. Like most companies it has gone through many changes, but its focus has always been to offer HOPE.

Our MOTTO:  Helping you help me help others and yourself at the same time.

We offer HOPE for those who wish to have better health. Our company offers up to 180 day money back guarantee (even on empties!) if not satisfied. What have you got to lose if you commit yourself to consuming our products for at least 3 months?

We offer HOPE for those who are wishing to lose fat with our well researched successful Fat Loss program. (Both Ted & I have got rid of unwanted inches already.)

We offer HOPE for those who are looking for a way to earn money from home.

We offer HOPE for the 5 million children who are dying each year just from malnutrition (UNICEF, Doctors without Borders, WHO)

In 2016 Mannatech launched the world’s first ever 30 day Fat Loss System and many have discovered a better quality of life as they lose inches following this system.

Mannatech has the only plant based product based on the new science of glycans (glycobiology).

Today’s diet is missing quantities of the necessary carbohydrates which means our cells are not functioning at their optimum best. (Yes there are sugars that are necessary to our diet!) The addition of these 8 glycans to one’s diet has seen many given back their quality of life.

The business plan for Associates is fair, generous, full of commissions and bonuses. This just might be the business* you are looking for. You do not even need to buy product to earn with our new compensation plan. For more information contact us here.

Preferred Customers pay the same for the products as the Associates do.  And, as an added bonus, after 3 months on auto order (which can be changed with no minimum purchase necessary) 10% Loyalty Points are assigned based on your purchases.

Mannatech feels that if you consume enough of their products long enough you should notice a positive change in your well being. To that end they offer a 180 day satisfaction guarantee**.


If you wish to start NOW and either purchase product as a Preferred Customer all you need to do is click here and fill follow instructions. 

If you wish to explore being an Associate (business builder) contact me.

Or, you can contact me here to discuss what you want.

Peggy & Ted 2016 with name


While we speak and write in English, information is also available in Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Korean, Japanese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

* Actual earnings depend on your individual efforts and skill, the customer base available to you, and the time devoted to your business.

** The Company gives a 180 day* 100% guarantee – basically saying if you aren’t satisfied after consuming any of our products for up to 6 months you will receive a full refund EVEN ON EMPTY CONTAINERS.        NOTE Some countries set different standards for the length of the guarantee. This 180 days is for North America and some other countries. Check with us.

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