Healthy Carbs – you’re kidding, right?


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Carbs/sugars/glycans – essential and healthy.
Sounds crazy, no?

You name any diet and it is probably all about low or no carbs and cutting out sugar.  So, what’s this all about?

Did you know, in our fruits and vegetables, there are many DIFFERENT types of carbohydrates?  The science of glycobiology has identified 8 as essential to our well being.

So if you go on a low – or no – carb diet you probably depleting sources of those vital carbs.  Wow!

The following is how Mannatech discovered the information on these carbs and how they are included in all our products as well as a stand-alone product. It is a tad lengthy.  This is purposely done to help you fully understand how powerful and exciting this nutrient is. 

The birth of Manapol®

●  In the 1980’s Carrington Labs assigned the team headed by Dr. Bill McAnalley, a research pharmacologist, to discover why gel from the live aloe vera plant could ‘heal burns’ but none of the processed aloe vera products could.
●  Dr. McAnnalley discovered the healing component in the aloe vera plant was a long chain monosaccharide (carbohydrate/sugar) called mannose.  Attached to it is an enzyme which, shortly after the gel was extracted, it destroys the mannose chain.
●  He discovered how to separate the enzyme from the mannose, and stabilize the mannose, and named the new product Manapol®. Carrington Lab received multiple patents for this process – which now belong to Mannatech.
● As part of Carrington’s original pursuit to make this mannose a drug the LD50 testing was done.  The main results found were a) the test subjects got healthier and b) none died.  This ended the pursuit of designating it as a drug.

The birth of Ambrotose®

●  When his contract ended at Carrington Lab Dr. McAnalley was invited to joined our Mannatech.  There he continued his research in carbohydrates.
●  From the journal Biotechnology (February, 1990) he read, “almost without exception, whenever two or more living cells interact in a specific way, cell surface carbohydrates will be involved.”

These cell surface carbohydrates help cells communicate with each other, telling who they are, what they do, and whether or not they are healthy. Yes, the alphabet for that communication is made up of simple sugars (NOT table sugar!). This code system is so basic to human life that it is the means by which a sperm recognizes an egg for the purpose of fertilization.

In 1996 Harper’s Biochemistry identified the eight essential carbohydrates necessary for the creation of cellular words, including mannose. That explained the many reports of people’s improved well being after consuming the Manapol®.  Dr. McAnally also realized that proper cell-to-cell communication could have a crucial role in every aspect of the maintenance of optimal health.

Since only two of the eight carbohydrates identified in Harper’s Biochemistry are found in adequate quantities in our modern diets, Dr. McAnalley found good plant sources of all carbohydrates associated with cell-to-cell communication, combined them, and we have Ambrotose®.  Subsequent developments over the past 20+ years have resulted in an enhanced product, Ambrotose LIFE™.



C O N T A C T   US

Ongoing research world-wide

Since the introduction of Ambrotose® in 1996 there have been much work on this new science, glycobiology, in the world-wide science community.  Some examples are

●  In 1997 Science & Medicine stated five of the eight carbohydrates were found in Mother’s milk.
●  In 1998 Acta Anatomica published a special edition on Glycosciences.
●  The March 23, 2001 issue of Science Magazine article titled “Saving Lives with Sugar”, complete with a drawing displaying the structures and names of eight sugars — the same ones that are already available in Ambrotose®.

●  The July, 2002 issue of Scientific American a number of articles on Glycobiology.
●  In 2012 The National Academy of Science published a 209 page paper titled Transforming Glycoscience: A Roadmap for the Future. In the 4 page summary they say “Glycans play roles in almost every biological
process and are involved in every major disease.” (For more on this publication check here.  (Ask me for the complete 4 page pdf summary.  Complete the form on the right.)

● From the Utrecht University you find this video published in 2017
● In August of 2018 a department of the National Institute of Health issued $20 million to four academic centers to do research.
● Harvard Medical School for Glycosciences is collaborating with other researchers to better understand the role of sugars in health and disease as well as the development of new sugar based pharmaceuticals

The science of glycobiology is now taught in many universities throughout the world (like Oxford in England) and it is predicted that this new subject will also soon be taught in high schools.


Over the past 20+ years, Mannatech has invested millions of dollars into into research and validation in developing Ambrotose® products. Numerous studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals about Ambrotose powders††, indicating that they: 

• Support cellular communication**
• Improve cognitive function, concentration and memory**
• Improve mood and decrease irritability**
• Support digestive function**
• Support immune function**
• Promote gastrointestinal health**

One video link with more information is found here

Further interesting information

~ There have been numerous articles published on this science as well as double blind placebo controlled studies on Ambrotose® itself. (The link shares only a short list of what has been discovered to date.) There’s no telling where this story will end, but the most exciting part of the story is the impact that Ambrotose® is having on the health of so many people.

~ Ambrotose has been shown to be an immune system modulator. It does not ‘boost’ or ‘subdue’ the immune system.  Instead, the body, now having the tools it needs, does what needs to be done – very efficiently.  

~ With the addition of Ambrotose® into one’s diet it has been found that the body will now assimilate everything one is ingesting with greater efficiency.  This is true of supplements, food, and even medication.

The mannose from the aloe vera, called Manapol, is expensive to produce.  It takes 660 kg of aloe leaves to produce 1 kg of Mannose (that’s 1500 pounds of aloe). This video explains why our mannose is the best out there on the market. 

Ambrotose® is a significant ingredient in our products: health, sports, weight management, and skin care, distinguishing our products against others on the market.

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*or you can wait until synthetic versions of these glycans are produced.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
†† These studies were conducted on the core technology found in the Ambrotose LIFE formulation.
Studies were funded by Mannatech.