In 1993 a small company, Emprise,  located in Grand Prairie, TX, began selling a product called PLUS, and then very soon afterwards Manapol using the Network Marketing sales model.

When they went to expand outside Texas they needed to change their name.  After much prayer and discussion the name Mannatech was born in 1994.  A few years later they moved their head office to Coppell, TX.

From its inception Mannatech has been called the “Science Company” because of the published science behind their products.  For more details about the company, check out Mannatech:

●  trades on NASDAQ under the symbol MTEX (As a publicly traded company you are assured of the validity in what we say.  What they say is open to scrutiny by anyone, including lawyers….)
●  has State-of-the-Art analytical laboratory used by many PhD students from Dallas/Fort Worth as well as others for their research
●  its flagship product, Ambrotose® is based on #1 discovery in nutritional science in the past 25+ years.
●  in 2012 the National Academy of Science published a 209 page study that says that carbohydrates — also known as glycans, glyconutrients, saccharides, or simply as sugars — play central roles in many biological processes and have properties useful in an array of applications.
●  this whole field — glycobiology — is now taught in many universities and colleges throughout the world, schools like Oxford University in England, University of Waterloo in Canada, Harvard University in the USA.
●  their science web site contains more information on the ongoing research
●  officially became a social entrepreneur business in 2013 where net profits from sales support the M5M program, becoming the world’s first social entrepreneur company to offer financial rewards
●  other outside validation can also be found here.

In the spring of 2018 Mannatech moved their head office from Coppell, TX to Flower Mound, TX.  They continue to provide products, finances, and help save children’s lives for over 25 years now.   

Recently Direct Sellers News recently did a spotlight on Mannatech where they share their findings on this company.  Check here for their report. 

Also this report was released in August of 2019. Our company is # 2.


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