From the beginning, in 1993, the early science team set about to look at what the body needed in the area of daily nutrition:  vitamins, minerals, omega 3’s, etc.

Then they set about to discover what was missing and what was not in great supply in today’s food. This picture shows what nutrients our cells need every day to function.

With this information they found the different nutrients and developed a product line that provides these nutrients that our body needs. 

In the process of this research they discovered essential carbohydrates, which was a new science – glycobiology.  The word “glycobiology” first appeared in the Oxford Dictionary in 1988.  And, because of our proprietary ingredients and patents we own this technology.  We gave the name to the product ‘glyconutrients’. (1)

This has become our Flagship product.

We now know that our food contains less nutrition than it did in the 1950’s. 
In 2002  the American Medical Association began  recommending that we take supplements because of the lack of  nutrients in our food.

Our company produces nutrients that the body needs.

We deal with nutrition that your body – your cells – needs and then we provide bio-available ‘top ups’ to work towards a healthy system.

These products are not to heal or cure you of whatever it is you are looking for. They are to give the body the nourishment it needs in order to function properly.  The worst that could possibly happen is that you may get healthier from consuming our supplements, while getting a 100% refund of all your money if not satisfied**. You never take a risk with us.

The Science of Mannatech:

But we don’t just “carry products”.  These products have been well researched in our own state-of-the-art biochemical laboratory.

Various scientists have validated the uniqueness of Mannatech’s products through their own research, and numerous studies have been published on our products.  For more on the science please check out

With many worldwide patents, we have been changing the health and wellness of people just like you for years and believe, without a doubt, that you will be satisfied with the quality of our products. Try any of our products, risk free, for up to 180 days**.  If you’re not satisfied, contact us and we will assist you in receiving your full refund. That’s why it is considered one of the best satisfaction guarantees you will find in the marketplace.

Immune Support:

Mannatech is known for products that support immune health.***  When ordering from the web wherever you see the blue star above a product it means that the product is substantiated by a claim and backed by science for supporting immune health.***  To date, Mannatech offers more than 15 unique products easily identified by the star. Need immune support?***  Just look for the star and share!

We have recently received a Drug Free Certification for our energy drink (1) .

This link for all 26 countries for all products. Just change country name (found on the top right corner) to your country.  For North American customers check with me before ordering to receive 10% coupon.  Sorry, the there is no discount available at this time due to current government regulations. 

Our products contain no GMO’s, no artificial flavours or colours, and are Gluten-Free.  Most of the products are Kosher, dairy free, suitable for Vegetarians, and Vegans.

For further information on our guarantees check here.
(1) Many products are labeled NFR for the Canadian market.  That means they are shipped directly from the Dallas warehouse and are Not For Resale.
*in the 1950’s if you ate 2 peaches in a day you would have the Vitamin A you needed.   Today, to get the same amount of Vitamin A, you would need to eat 53 peaches in a day.
**The Company gives a 180 day 100% guarantee – basically saying if you aren’t satisfied after consuming any of our products for up to 6 months you will receive a full refund, even on EMPTY containers.  (NOTE: Other countries limit the guarantee period. This 180 days is for North America. Check with us.)

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***These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.