Let me introduce us!

For most of my life I (Peggy) enjoyed helping others. As a child every Hallowe’en found me with my UNICEF box, making sure that every house was aware of it. I would come home with an almost full box as the huge majority donated.

As a lad you would find Ted interested in the whole field of science and electronics. When his parents had wiring done to their  home  you would find  Ted watching  the workers and, after they left, he would clean up their mess and make sure everything was tidy. No surprise, then, that he went into Electrical Engineering after high school.

I have had the experience of living in 4 different provinces in Canada, one state in the US and in London, England. Ted has lived 5 different provinces and although he has ventured outside of North America, he has been pretty much a home body!

When we met Ted was studying theology and by the time we were married in 1976 he was pastoring his first church. This occupation took us to Labrador, Saskatchewan, and then north east Ontario. It was in Saskatchewan that our first two sons were born and the last two were born in Ontario. I always said that if we moved to another province we would have to have two more children! We didn’t and have been in this area since 1981. Ted is back into engineering in 1989 and in 1990 we were able to purchase our first home.

As a stay-at-home Mom I  was involved  in many fund  rasing activities  for our church family, school programs, the Scouting program, and other things that would be dropped in my lap. This I enjoyed — giving back  to  others. Our family  also  became involved with Operation Christmas Child organized by Samaritan’s Purse. It is a project where a shoe box — filled by us — would  be shipped  to children  in war torn  areas, in disaster areas. These children knew, then, that someone, somewhere, cared. Working in the area of co-ordinating this project locally has truly been a labour of love. In the first 10 years of working with this project our city and area saw over 20,000 shoe boxes of hope donated to this project.  Three years found me returning to help co-ordinate this work.

We are now involved in our mission of supporting M5M. For more on this check out Our Story.

I have forgotten one very important bit of news about ourselves: we are the very proud grandparents of 3 children. Of course there is absolutely NO bias there!

Thank you for letting us share a little peek into a bit of our history.


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