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My “Former” Husband’s Story


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12 17 03

My “former” husband was getting so tired that he could not even drive the 1½ hour drive to my parents without pulling over to take a nap. He couldn’t even do more than an hour or 2 yard work on a weekend without being exhausted for the rest of the weekend.  Bob shared with me how some people I knew now had a quality of life since consuming the products.  I knew these people years ago and I never saw quality in their lives when I knew them.  That convinced me.  While Ted thought, at first, ‘snake oil’ he did decide to consume these products because, after all, he had paid for them.

Within weeks after beginning to consume our glycan product and our hormonal support product Ted noticed a huge difference in his stamina. He even drove a new-to-us mini-van from Calgary, AB to Porcupine, ON – alone – with only overnight stops for rest.  To put that into perspective, driving 8 hours a day, it is about a 4 – 5 day drive from Calgary to our home. If he had had to stop every hour for a nap…. he’d still be driving home.

Our marriage has changed positively now due to his lack of fatigue. He is excited and really loves the fact that he can have a life now. Would we stop taking these supplements? Absolutely not! I like my new husband!

He was skeptical at first as well as a tad curious because of the science of glycobiology.  But now? Glycobiology is a subject taught in universities & colleges in North America and other countries, Oxford University in England being one of the first if not the first.

Are you looking for something? I suggest that you order  Mannatech’s Ambrotose and PLUS for 6 months* and see if there are any positive changes in your health.  

And the neat thing is with every sale of this product nutrition is provided to a child for that month so that they, too, can live a healthier life.

Gotta sign off – Ted has yet another project going and needs my help 🙂

If you are still skeptical about the value of our flagship carbohydrate product, here are the claims  that the US government has permitted to be made about the product. Remember other countries have their own list of things that can be said.


C O N T A C T   US

*The Company gives a 180 day 100% guarantee – basically saying if you aren’t satisfied after consuming any of our products for up to 6 months you will receive a full refund, even on EMPTY containers.  (NOTE: Other countries limit the guarantee period. This 180 days is for North America. Check with us.)