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Does MONEY make the world go round?

money aThe subject of money came up the other week.  It was in context of some people earning a lot of money and so that somehow network marketing must be wrong because it is all about how much money you can earn.

Is it?  Is it really all about the money?  Money – and the promise of riches – raises a red flag in many minds.  After all  isn’t  the  old  saying  “money  is  the  root  of  all  evil”  something not to be ignored?

But then again, isn’t it our right to be rich?  After all some teach from ancient writings that say that when God promised blessings He really meant that God wants you to be rich and healthy.  Anything else meant you lacked faith.

This ‘get rich’ message goes further: it insists that you should pursue richness using honourable statements like “Think of all the good you can do”.

Many Network Marketing companies (legitimate ones and the fly-by-nighters) push the ‘you can be rich’ mentality to the limit which does attract folk. And if you don’t earn money you feel gypped.

Well the truths are as follows:

The quote about evil really goes like this: “The love of money is the root of all evil”.  I do not have to expand on this – we just need to look around the world and see the mayhem this twisted love affair with money has caused.

And about the ‘blessings’…  The ancient writings say  ‘seek first the kingdom of God and all these things (peace, joy, goodness, kindness, love, long suffering, gentleness) will be given to us.

This bad teaching is no different that the ones who preach and advocate poverty as superior. They teach that money is filthy and you should be giving it all away.

I just shake my head at these distortions.

Because of this “Get rich [quick]” mentality and all the negative ramification surrounding this teaching,  many  people  shy  away  from  admitting  that  they  are  earning  a  decent income doing direct sales.  That is too bad because an extra $500 or $1000 per month could make a difference between living a comfortable life and poverty for so many people.

We were pleased that when we joined Mannatech there never was a ‘you’ll get rich’ mentality nor is it there even now.  Yes we could earn a greater income as our business grows but we know the second syllable of Network marketing  is WORK.

Our working to provide free nutrition for these children does give one a great feeling.  The money is a nice bonus – and great that doing good and being paid to do gpyramidood can be combined! A real win-win-win Social Entrepreneur business!

AND Mannatech is not ‘all about me’.  If it was we would not have M5M.  Mannatech doesn’t just say they care about social needs, they are the leaders in the MLM industry where the social need is the WHY they are in business.  They put their money where their mouth is.

Mannatech is much more than an income possibility business.  We have sound (published) science behind our products, we have exclusive products; we have a company of integrity, and we have a compensation/pay out plan that is very fair.  We are over 20 years in the business and one does not exist that long on hype, that’s for sure.

~ Peggy from Porcupine, pondering pennies — & Ted too!